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Berczy Park Fountain – Toronto, Ontario 11/02/2018

This whimsical three-tiered fountain at Berczy Park in downtown Toronto is truly eye-catching with one cat and 27 cast iron dog statues with their eyes aimed at a golden bone at the apex. The fountain sits at the center of the dog-friendly park, complete with an accessible water trough for pets. Each dog statue shoots […]

Clarksville Foundry President Charles Foust Jr. helped bring the idea for a public art sculpture from vision to reality. Clarksville Foundry Casts Downtown Commons Sculpture 06/27/2018

Clarksville Foundry recently partnered with award-winning sculptor Vaughn Randall to cast a public art piece to commemorate the grand opening of a new public space in downtown Clarksville. The sculpture is the first public art piece in the newly opened Downtown Commons. Each individual casting of the sphere mimics the design of the First Presbyterian Church’s […]

Clarksville Foundry Receives Ovation Award Clarksville Foundry Receives Ovation Award 06/26/2018

Clarksville Foundry produces more than industrial “widgets,” as President Charles Foust Jr. refers to the majority of the company’s casting work. In fact, the Foundry is a valuable resource for artists both near and far. From the “Rosette Bobbin” and “Window to the World” sculpted by Vaughn Randall, to “Patterns of Progress” by Tom Malone […]

Downtown Commons Sculpture Rendering TRC Hosts Naming Contest for Sculpture Cast at Foundry 03/28/2018

The Safe, Clean and Green (SCG) committee of the Two Rivers Company (TRC) of Clarksville, Tennessee, invites citizens to submit names for the spherical sculpture that will be located at Downtown Commons. ABOUT THE SCULPTURE: The spherical sculpture is a collaboration between State University of New York College at Cortland professor and sculptor Vaughn Randall […]

Clarksville Foundry Has Rich History in the City 05/24/2017

Clarksville Foundry was featured in an online video segment on The segment produced by Daynnah Carmona features more about the history and day-to-day production process at the family-owned foundry. Click the play button below to watch the segment.

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