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Charles Foust Jr., President

Charles Foust Jr., President

A business steeped in heritage, Clarksville Foundry is one of the oldest foundries in America. With roots dating back over 150 years, the foundry withstood civil war, depression, technological changes and environmental mandates thanks to the owners’ unique vision and a strong desire to not merely survive – but thrive.

The threads that run through generations of ownership are constant: Customer service was always key. Product quality was paramount. Prompt deliveries were essential.

Since 1847, those strengths haven’t changed. But most everything else at Clarksville Foundry has.

We’ve invested in modern technology so we can quickly provide job estimates and information about past orders.

Details about any item we cast for you – whether it was yesterday or last year – are at our fingertips. Production dates. Chemical analysis. Number of units cast. With our custom-designed database, we can use the statistical history of your pours to fine-tune your future orders.

Clarksville Foundry can handle every detail of producing your castings from start to finish – which can save you time and expense.

With administrative offices, a pattern shop, foundry and finishing operations at the same site, we can handle every phase of your order, from blueprint to finished product.

Working from your specifications, we can computer-generate your estimate … usually providing it within 48 hours of your request.

Up-to-date technology provides flexibility and efficiency in the Foundry, whether we’re preparing molds, melting alloys or finishing your casting.

Clarksville Foundry’s casting services include: pattern making and castings up to 1,500 pounds, spectrometer analysis, green sand, airset molding and shell core capability. Machining and secondary operations are also available. As an iron foundry, we also specialize in casting services such as:

Clarksville Foundry Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer. CFI extends equal opportunity to all individuals without regard of race, religion, color, sex, national origin, age, disability, handicaps, or veteran’s status. This policy affirms Clarksville Foundry Inc.’s commitment to the principles of fair employment and the elimination of all vestiges of discriminatory practices that might exist.

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