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Clarksville Foundry uses a spectrometer, which analyzes sample materials to provide a read-out for chemical composition of 23 elements. The spectrometer helps ensure accuracy of mechanical properties and is a valuable internal process control tool.
Clarksville Foundry uses a spectrometer, which analyzes sample materials and helps ensure accuracy of mechanical properties.
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Clarksville Foundry’s casting services include pattern making and castings up to 1,500 pounds, spectrometer analysis, green sand, airset molding and shell core capability. Machining and secondary operations are also available. As an iron foundry, we also specialize in casting services such as:

Alloys include all grades of:

Spectrometer Means Greater Precision
Along with the new furnace, our Spectrolab arc-emission spectrometer allows us to produce a wider variety of materials to more exacting specifications.

Furnace Increases Capacity
Our 400 kw Inductotherm furnace means we can produce more volume with faster throughput. Furnace features 1500, 1000 and 300 pound pots. With a rapid melt rate and larger capacity, we can handle heavier castings while the variable batch size allows more flexibility. With three sizes of pots, we can easily produce short-run specialty alloy castings. View some of the castings produced at Clarksville Foundry.

Heat Treat Oven
Clarksville Foundry has also installed a heat-treat oven for faster, more economical annealing and stress relieving of ferrous metals. The oven can accommodate up to 2250 pounds with a hearth size of 4×5 ft. Heat treatment can optimize your castings’ physical properties and machining characteristics. Electronically controlled temperatures up to 1800-degrees Fahrenheit give precise regulation of heating rate and soak time. Heat treating is one of many secondary operations that make Clarksville Foundry a one-stop resource.

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