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Clarksville Foundry, 1847

Drane and Company, 1867

Commerce St. Building, 1900

Group Photo, 1900

Red River Furnace Company, 1903

Commerce Street Building, c. 1980

Red River Street, Clarksville Foundry

Clarksville Foundry Munitions Order from Confederate States 1861

Foundry Staff, 1958. Front Row (from left): Mrs. Mary G. Black, T.B. Foust, Sr., Mrs. Frances P Winters. Back (from left): Noble Sales, Roy Woods, Earl Green, James Halford, George Moss, Henry Gray, Gus Hillman, Robert Davis, Trigg Welch, Spencer Johnson, Greely Bowen, John E. Freeman, Aubrey Wooten, Lee Thomas, Thomas B. Foust, Charles Foust, Fred Wooten

Foundry Operations c. 1960

Foundry Operations c. 1960

Foundry Workers, 1961

George Foust with Foundry Workers, 1974

Diesel Powered Furnace, 1975

Group Photo c. 1990

Foundry Operations c. 1990

Charles Foust, Jr. at the Clarksville Foundry, 2010

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