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Own Your Piece of Original Foundry Art by a Notable Tennessee Artist:

Artist Mike Andrews stands next to artwork displayed at the Customs House Museum in Clarksville, Tenn.
Artist Mike Andrews stands next to artwork displayed at the Customs House Museum in Clarksville, Tenn.

Sculptor Mike Andrews has created a unique series of industrial assemblages using antique wooden foundry patterns originally used to make molds for metal castings. The Clarksville Foundry was established in 1847, so many of these patterns date as far back as the Industrial Revolution. Current foundry president Charlie Foust has kept these original wooden patterns in storage for decades.

“These rare patterns are unique and precious in terms of the quality of woodworking skill and the history and heritage they represent to the Clarksville Foundry.” According to Foust, “Many of the pieces are works of art themselves and could stand alone as collectibles. To see them used in these monumental assemblages as an art form is incredible.”

We are very happy to watch Mike Andrews breathe new life into these one-of-a-kind artworks and we are very proud to offer selection of his sculptures for sale. Click on one of the sculptures to inquire.

Aaaa Big Bang
$ 4,800 (SOLD) $ 4,000 (SOLD)
H 64” x W 30” x D 8” H 48” x W 48” x D 7”
Big Wheel Retired Bird
$ 7,500 $ 1,200 (SOLD)
H 39” x W 72” x D 11.5” H 11” x W 12” x D 3”
Burst Forth Cascading Cogs
$ 7,500 $ 3,300
H 43” x W 88” x D 10” H 60” x W 17” x D 7.5”
Coming Together Cosmos
$ 3,200 (SOLD) $ 3,200
H 43” x W 24” x D 5” H 48” x W 24” x D 6”
Core Boxes Corner Piece
$ 4,200 $ 8,200
H 48” x W 46” x D 7.5” H 8” x W 30” x D 15”


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