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Berczy Park Fountain – Toronto, Ontario

This whimsical three-tiered fountain at Berczy Park in downtown Toronto is truly eye-catching with one cat and 27 cast iron dog statues with their eyes aimed at a golden bone at the apex. The fountain sits at the center of the dog-friendly park, complete with an accessible water trough for pets. Each dog statue shoots water into the fountain for an added bit of whimsy.

Berczy Park Fountain – Toronto, Ontario – Photo provided by Robinson Iron

Clarksville Foundry worked in collaboration with Robinson Iron (Alexander City, Ala.) and renowned landscape architect Claude Cormier (Montréal) on this project. The Foundry cast the fountain’s base and the dog statues. The Robinson Iron team completed the 16 feet in diameter fountain, which also included pug faces as decorative spouts. The standalone dog sculptures were hand-painted prior to installation, which added further color and dimension to the one-of-a-kind fountain.

“This project was unique not only for its animal-inspired design but also for its size and scope,” said Clarksville Foundry President Charles Foust Jr. “The completed fountain weighs in at 26,000 pounds and it is one of the heaviest and widest fountains completed by Robinson Iron. This project came together through the work of many companies, and Clarksville Foundry is proud to be a part of this award-winning public space.”

The fountain was cast, welded and assembled in the U.S., and shipped overland requiring special escort all the way to Canada.

The fountain is already exceedingly popular with urban dwellers and pet owners alike since its installation in 2016, and the park is a popular spot for local families and tourists.

Robinson Iron focuses on the restoration, replication, custom casting, and preservation of ornamental and architectural elements. Clarksville Foundry is a proud partner of Robinson Iron. For another project, the two Family-owned businesses completed together read about this dramatic staircase in Alabama.

Photos provided by Robinson Iron.

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