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TRC Hosts Naming Contest for Sculpture Cast at Foundry

The Safe, Clean and Green (SCG) committee of the Two Rivers Company (TRC) of Clarksville, Tennessee, invites citizens to submit names for the spherical sculpture that will be located at Downtown Commons.

ABOUT THE SCULPTURE: The spherical sculpture is a collaboration between State University of New York College at Cortland professor and sculptor Vaughn Randall and Clarksville Foundry President Charles Foust, Jr. Vaughn Randall first worked with Clarksville Foundry several years ago when he needed help casting components for his piece “Rosette Bobbin,” which won the Samuel B. Barker Outdoor Sculpture Competition at University of Alabama at Birmingham. Clarksville Foundry will donate the castings for the 8 ft. in diameter ductile iron sculpture to be displayed at Downtown Commons. The yet unnamed sculpture will feature a natural rust finish and roughly 92 individual castings that mirror the design of the First Presbyterian Church bell tower windows. First Presbyterian Church is located directly across the street from Downtown Commons, and Clarksville Foundry worked with the church to reproduce their bell tower windows in 2015 after the original wooden casings were showing significant signs of wear and tear.

Downtown Commons Sculpture Rendering

Downtown Commons Sculpture Rendering

GUIDELINES: Suggested names should relate to the sculpture design and/or Downtown Commons. Suggested names should be clean and profanity free. The sculpture name could be used in conversation and hashtag posts on social media. The sculpture name should be meaningful and memorable. Only serious names that relate to the sculpture will be considered.

NAME SUBMISSIONS: Suggested names should be submitted as Comments to the contest posting on the Two Rivers Company Facebook page. The Naming Contest post will be pinned to the top of the Two Rivers Company Facebook page. Name submissions posted to Facebook pages other than the Two Rivers Company Facebook page will not be considered. Submissions are limited to one suggested name per Facebook profile.


Submission must include the following:
a. Suggested Name
b. Supporting Information for the Suggested Name

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Noon on Thursday, March 29, 2018

PROCESS: The Safe, Clean, and Green committee of the Two Rivers Company will vet the name submissions and work with the sculpture artist to determine the winning name.

The winner will be notified through the Two Rivers Company Facebook page prior to the name being publicly announced.

Questions may be emailed or phoned to Deanna McLaughlin at or 931-245-3700 ext. 12901.

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