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Unique Foundry Pattern Sculptures Offered for Sale

andrews-large.jpgIt may be unusual for an artist and an iron foundry president to join together in a unique cultural endeavor.  Then again, there is nothing usual about Clarksville sculptor Mike Andrews’ “New Old Stock” sculptures.

Andrews has designed a unique series of industrial assemblages using wooden foundry patterns that were originally used for metal castings since the foundry was established in 1847. The molds have been kept in storage for more than 30 years, and Foundry President Charles Foust is very happy to see Andrews breathe new life into the pieces.

“The patterns are unique and precious in terms of the quality of woodwork, the skill and the history and heritage they represent to the Clarksville Foundry,” expressed Foust. “Many of the pieces are works of art themselves and could stand alone as collectibles. To see them used in such an unusual art form is incredible.

The retired antique patterns have provided Andrews with an exceptional supply of “New Old Stock” that has become his parts inventory. Design and fabrication take on new meaning as Andrews employs innovative dimension and scale for powerful and visually engaging sculptures. He carefully selects each piece, regarding its shape and character before incorporating it into a sculpture.

A video of the “New Old Stock” sculptures and the Foust-Andrews partnership can be viewed by clicking here.

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